7 May 1994.

My eighteenth birthday is almost over! Practically spent celebrating my birthday with friends for five days. Five, get it? May, the fifth month in the year, and yeah!

Update. No biggie.

Tumblr, please excuse my inactivity. Lately, school is driving me nuts! AP testing is five weeks away. Nothing like taking the AP Chemistry exam on your 18th birthday, yeah?

In other news, Spring Break is finally here. About time, too! Just out of curiosity, what are everyone’s plans (not sure if my school is a week late)?

I, for starters, am going to UC Berkeley on Saturday. If all goes well, then I plan to submit my SIR that night (you know, because seven is my favorite number and it ought to bring me good luck).

Oh, remind me to purchase my prom dress. Three weeks go by fast!

On another note, I missed Tumblr. I feel so out of the loop right now, not editing and whatnot.

Feeling jolly.

Phew, I’m back! Winter Break starts the day after tomorrow, and you know what that means? Edits, lots of ‘em. Yeah, unfortunately, I lost more than half my follower count. Too bad, you know?

Oh, and one more thing: Happy Holidays!

FFX HD remake!

I’m crying so damn hard! This weekend calls for FFX caps!